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Grand Traverse Commons Barns Area


Owned and operated by the Traverse City/Garfield Township Recreational Authority, portions of this 54-acre property were once used by State Hospital patients for farming activities as a form of therapy.  The park was purchased with millage funding approved by Garfield Township and Traverse City voters in 2004. 


Future plans for the area include the rehabilitation of the two large barns into public assembly places, an outdoor amphitheater, an interpretive center, beautiful community gardens, trails, and community educational and agricultural activities. Stay tuned for further news on this exiting area of the Grand Traverse Commons!  


Access to the Barns area is currently via Red Drive or Silver Drives. Construction of a new south entrance to the Grand Traverse Commons, the Silver Drive extension, is now accessible. Restrooms are not presently available on site. Entry to any building is permitted only during scheduled events, but feel free to walk around and check things out from the outside!


Questions or comments regarding the Barns property should be directed to Matt Cowall, Executive Director of the Joint Recreational Authority, at 231-929-3696.


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This page last updated on 1/29/2015.

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