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Garfield Township wants to bring to your attention that there have been reports of telephone scams in the area involving property taxes. The scam involves a caller claiming to work for a company called Diversified Consultants, calling to verify your personal information, including your social security number, and is attempting to collect delinquent property taxes. Please do not give them any personal information and contact police authorities at their non-emergency number (231) 922-4550.

Please note that if you are delinquent on your taxes you would be contacted directly by Garfield Township or Grand Traverse County, not by an outside firm, and we would not ask for personal information— such as your social security number.  

May 5th Election Reminder

To vote in the upcoming election, you must be registered to vote by April 6th. Not sure if you're registered or not? Please call the Garfield Township Clerk's Office for more information and find out where to cast your vote on May 5th.

Click here to view a precinct map.

Buffalo Ridge Trail Update:

The Township has recently had productive discussions with Great Wolf Lodge to secure the final easement necessary for the construction of Phase II of the Buffalo Ridge Trail. This phase of trail will provide a kid-friendly connection between Traverse City West Middle School, Kid's Creek Park, the "New Y" and the nearby neighborhoods. 

We understand that our request is making its way through the required channels, and we are hopeful that the details can be finalized in time to allow for construction of this trail this year. Thank you to everyone who helped express to our corporate neighbor how important this trail is to you! See you on the trails!  


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